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Home Audio Sound Recordings

Over the past few months I've started to dabble in nature audio recordings.  I've been trying to capture various sounds, such as the ocean on Martha's Vineyard, a thunderstorm, swamp sounds, etc.  These recordings are my first attempt.  Note that there is a lot of audio editing possible (just like digital picture editing) and I don't know that much about the technology yet...  I hope you enjoy what you hear below.  Click on each link below to hear the designated audio.

South Beach, Martha's Vineyard, June, 2004

Thunderstorm, 2:30am, July 2, 2004

Heavy Rain


Swamp Noises, August, 2004

Beaver Slapping Water in said Swamp, August, 2004

Dozer, my Yellow Labrador Retriever, August, 2004

Dozer, "talking" to his favorite toy, Winter 2004

Kayla, my niece, "talking" (actually, crying), Winter 2004

Melting Snow, February, 2005

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