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August, 2006: Photo Essay: A Typical Summer Day on Martha's Vineyard

August, 2006: Kayak to Martha's Vineyard Photos

August 22, 2006:  Lowell Sun Newspaper photo of me in the Good Times 5K Road Race!

August 15, 2006:  Vineyard Gazette Newspaper photo of me in the Chilmark 5K Road Race!

July 1, 2006:  Deschutes River, Oregon Trout Fishing Trip Photos

June 20, 2006:  Mom catches her first bluefish!

June 10, 2006:  New Story by John Piekos: Deschutes Daydreams.  Click here to read.

June 7, 2006:  Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Visit/Photos - click here!

May 22, 2006:  My friend Peter wrote a great Martha's Vineyard story including a morning of fishing with me last weekend.  Worth a read - click here!

May 16, 2006:  Merrimack River Great Flood of 2006, Lowell, Mass Photos.

March 27, 2006:  Buffalo, New York Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip.

February 18, 2006:  Martha's Vineyard 20 Mile Road Race.

Pat, Barry, Scott, John and Carlooooooooos at the Martha's Vineyard 20 Mile Road Race

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